Hi Everyone,

I am a Grad student taking a Marketing class and would appreciate anyone’s input on my final project. It is a 15 minute ANONYMOUS survey about naturally curly-haired women, and their habits/shopping preferences. There is also one “concept board” for visual context (it is a mock-up, not a real product). Here is the link to the survey:


I need at least 50 responses for my class, though Prof. tells me that 300+ is “statistically significant.” Thanks so much to the folks at NaturallyCurly.com for letting me post the link (I asked beforehand...I do want to respect the posting rules) Just to reiterate- I am not selling or promoting anything. This is just good, clean curly questions for school. Thanks to anyone who participates!

PS: if you have any technical issues, please send me a private message ASAP. Also, I am NOT asking for any personal contact info. etc...in the survey! Thanks again.