My hair is BEYOND complicated! The ends are permed and the roots aren't. I have about 1 1/2 inches of newgrowth. Now I don't know if it's classified as going natural but I haven't permed it in at least 3 months maybe more.....I usually only perm it so that i wont have to do as much work when styling my hair, but of course that's damaging my hair so im trying to do it the right way. My hair is not the typical nappy, it LOOKS nappy, but when moisturized its soft but still has the nappy look. Even though its thick you can comb through it without catching any naps. So i don't really know what my hair type is [ive tried to research that]. When wet it gets kind of curly but it gets stiff when dry and looks like a bush of curls BUT none of the curls are defined O_o ... im SO confused!!! I now use moisturizer , leave in conditioner, hot oil treatments.. Its moisturized now but still cant keep a hairstyle.... i can straighten it and wrap it but by the time i make it to the car the ends are now kind of like a bush and the roots are curly...So i straightened it for NOTHING!!!!!! i cant get the curly look OR the straight look?! What am I to lost and it looks like my ponytail is the ONLY hairstyle that works for me?!?!?!?!

***Im thinking my hair is supposed to be like my sons he has the naturally soft, spiral curly when wet, and a slap of water[or anything moist] will lay it down hair and so does my grandfather Im thinking the perm has changed the texture*** BUT then again i could be wrong.?