Agh I hate it when those people walk up to me! I always try my very best to be polite but they second they insult my hair I lose it a little.

I get that it's their job but how dare you make me feel insecure about my lovely curls! They ironic thing is on one side they are telling curly girls "hey come straighten your hair" and other the other they are saying to straight hair girls "let me show you how to curl your hair" I think it's awful when they try and make girls feel bad about themselves and I've had quite a few of those people say really nasty things about my hair!

Once a girl with naturally curly hair (it pretty curly too like 3c ish) try and sell me one and I was like"Aaw you too? I thought us curlies were meant to be on the same side!" lol

At least this guy was able to accept your refusal and compliment you!
Greek Cypriot with:
3a curls
Medium Density
Low Porosity
Medium Width
Chest Length
Botticelli pattern
and a sensitive scalp

Been loving my curls for about 3 years now