Hi! This is my first ever thread on this forum I'm still a naturally curly newbie!

I have 3a curls which have taken quite a beating over the years (constant straightening almost everyday, brazilian blowouts, dyeing etc) for the last 3 years or so I've stopped treating it so harshly but I still have no idea what to use on it! I've been following the curly girl method for a while which helped make my curls healthier but I have had a lot of trouble finding products for styling my curls for two reasons:

No 1. I got an awful awful haircut from a hairdresser who obviously didn't know how to cut curly hair, she kept trying to brush it when it was dry and recommended lots of short layers and bangs. I've been trying to grow it out for a year and it's made the bottom layer 3a/3b and the top layer 2c with 3a in random parts!

No 2. I'm studying in the uk for a while and a lot of products recommended on here are only available in America :P

I have no idea what kind of product I should be using to define and hold my curls, they either make my hair really crunchy and flaky because my scalp is quite sensitive (this mostly happens with gels and creams) or don't hold the curl enough and I wake up with the back of my head and top layer frizzy. So what I'm asking is do you guys have any recommendations about what kind of products I should be using i.e. mousse, oil, serum, wax, gel etc or any tips for keeping the curls defined? Thank you

P.S. Sorry I don't have a picture to show you my brother took my camera on holiday to Cyprus without telling me and my webcam is rubbish!! Also sorry if there are typos, still working on my English!
Greek Cypriot with:
3a curls
Medium Density
Low Porosity
Medium Width
Chest Length
Botticelli pattern
and a sensitive scalp

Been loving my curls for about 3 years now