Lately I have been putting avocado oil on my dry hair, focusing on the ends, with a plastic cap and leaving in overnight before I shampoo in the morning (I only shampoo once a week or every other week). Turns out really nicely, I get shine, no tangles and good clumping. I thought the coconut oil might have been too heavy, but I probably just used too much. Being that my hair is fine, I have to be careful not to use too much of most things. I cannot use straight oil on wet hair so this is the best way for me to get the benefits of oiling on my hair.

I would say if you want to use oil and co-wash it out without it being too much, try a lighter oil or use less on the hair, just enough for the hair to soak it in overnight.
4a/3c, fine strands, low porosity, medium density
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