This summer I was hoping to try the Curly Taming formula of GK Hair Taming System to step down a level from the Resistant formula. My hairdresser suggested trying the new The Best GK Hair smoothing treatment. My goal was to retain more of my natural curl pattern so that I can wash and go during the hotter months. Also, because I don't flat iron my hair as much when it is sweltering, I was willing to try something new. I am here to tell you that I did NOT like The Best smoothing treatment. It is supposed to be controlled by how long you leave it on the hair, but for me it did not work well. My hair ended up being even straighter than when I used the Resistant hair taming formula. That was completely contrary to my goal. I was NOT happy at all. I am still curious to try the Curly formula instead of the Resistant formula of the GK Hair Taming System, but I will have to wait for that. This just goes to show you that different treatments work differently on everyone. My hairdresser was convinced this was going to give me the results I wanted but it certainly was not.