Oh okay! i just couldn't see them bc i was on my phone using the app

You say you have a sensitive scalp...does that mean build-up, itching, redness, burning?

Also, you say gels and creams leave your hair crunchy and flakey. How do you apply these products? Have you ever tried mousse?
21 y/o lifelong natural {4a-O ; spongy ; coarse ; dense ; MBL stretched}

products {'poo: TJTTT shampoo | RO: TJTTT Condish | LI/style: TJTTT Condish, homemade cocoa butter cream | DC: condish + ayurvedic powder(s), Aussie 3MMM Treatment | PT: condish + NPF | oils: castor oil, grapeseed oil | other treatments: probiotics, tea rinses, AVG rinse/spritz, oil rinse | sealing method: LC sometimes O}

long-term: HL stretched, BSL unstretched

CG-friendly Products List!