Usually my scalp can get itchy and uncomorftanble and flaky and dry which makes it difficult because my curls start close to my roots and if I don't apply product to the crown it will get frizzy.

I was told to either flip my hair forward and scrunch the products in or for more defined curls apply the product in sections. I also use a diffuser so I don't khow if the heat made some of the products crunchy.

I used an Aussie mousse that was meant to be for curly hair but the hold was really bad, it didn't hold my curls no matter how much I used so I'm just looking out for one with a strong hold!
Greek Cypriot with:
3a curls
Medium Density
Low Porosity
Medium Width
Chest Length
Botticelli pattern
and a sensitive scalp

Been loving my curls for about 3 years now