I really don't know how you are going to wiggle out of that induction.
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This is how I wiggled out of an early induction with my second (I ended up with an induction at 40 weeks because they were convinced she had IUGR despite the fact that the maternal fetal specialist who did a level 2 u/s for me said that she was fine, just a little small but growing fine):
1. I refused, citing the fact that while she was at the 5th, she had been at the 5th all along and was therefore growing
2. I agreed to weekly NSTs and ultrasounds. I made it clear that I was fine with them checking on the baby's fluid levels, stress, etc., but that I was not fine with an early induction because of a maybe.
3.; I did end up caving at 40 weeks, but I was scared and I had had a successful induction in the past.

This is similar to what I did with my third, except I flat out refused to schedule an induction. He was born at 41 w 10 d.

I would just insist on waiting until 40 weeks (and at 40 weeks, I would still try to push them off some more) unless baby becomes distressed for some reason. It is really hard to learn to advocate for yourself, it took me 3 pregnancies to figure it out. Get your birth partner to support you and back you up. Good luck. In the meantime, convince your baby to get into position for birth: talk to her (sounds crazy but hey), spend time on your hands and knees. Ask about evening primrose oil to soften the cervix; it was recommended to me but I haven't had a baby in 4 years so who knows if it is still recommended. I would also push to know your Bishop score as RCW recommended. The more informed you appear, the more likely your provider is to back down a little and have a dialog with you rather than just directing you.

Good luck and happy, healthy birth and baby vibes your way