When my husband cannot make it to appointments with me, my mom is a great advocate and helps me out. She leaves it to me, but we talk about ahead of time if I am giving her that "help me" look or ask her a question then she jumps in. She knows how I feel and is on the same page. When we ask the doctor questions, such as why and is this necessary, she seems to back off a bit.

I know I probably shouldn't have done this, but when I went to the pharmacy to fill my prescription I asked what dose the doctor prescribed. She wants me to take 200mg of Labetalol twice a day which the pharmacist said is on the high end, especially to start out. After researching, and talking to some medical professionals, I decided to cut the pills in half and start with 100mg twice a day. That seems to work. My blood pressure is now back down to around 120/80 (give or take a 2 points from each), and that is with all the stress in my life right now, including going back to work this morning (seems like school is starting super early this year!).

The baby has definitely not had a decrease in movement! Sometimes I wonder if she will ever let me go to sleep at night because she loves to wiggle and kick. The doctor is planning to monitor her twice weekly now, and if everything is great and indicating no stress, I plan to hold her off for as long as possible (40 weeks being my goal at this point). I really do want what is best for my baby, and I'm not a doctor, but my instinct tells me that as long as these NSTs and ultrasounds show a healthy baby and I feel her moving and everything seems to be fine, that holding off is the best move at this point.