Hi Again Bookworm5,

Your situation sounds similar to the one I'm going through. For two weeks KCCC was working well with or without gel over it and then - nothing - completely flat hair with little curl.

I posted a question about rotating products the other day, because I had a suspision that that was the culprit. If you read the thread, most people do rotate their products. My hair needs some coaxing to get curls instead of just waves, so I'm think that it has just gotten used to the KCCC and has essentially gotten lazy. I picked up some Recoil and DevaArcAngel, which I'm going to try tonight. I'll let you know how I make out. Maybe a product switch might be the solution for you too.

BTW - your combing suggestion to distrubute the KCCC worked wonders for clumping and adding the BRHG really helped the curls last all day - until my hair decided to putz out...LOL I plan on using the same method with the Recoil. Hopefully it does the trick.

Hang in there, I know it's frustrating and no one wants to spend a fortune on products.
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