Hello again, Rimi! No, same old home for years I really should have gotten a pic of it yesterday. I'll post some later today if it does the usual. Thanks so much for trying to help my crazy hair!

Hi curlychickie! So glad the combing helped! I wouldn't have tried it if I hadn't gotten so frustrated one day that I rewet and started over. My hair curls easily (all it ever took was rainy weather to make my former blow dried straight hair to spring big loopy curls all over), but my hair is so fine that those curls are delicate, like a baby's curls. Trying to find products that will keep my natural volume while giving defonition, but not pull them out, is proving to be a huge challenge. I LOVE volume! Please do tell me what you think about your new products. I can't figure out what to try next. I'd love to make a few well-informed choices and get several samples to try!

In the meantime, I'm wondering how likely it would be that one side of my head only might be lacking in moisture, protein, or be damaged in some other way? Has anyone else had that happen? Could I have random bits that are more porous? Or in need of sealing? Anybody?
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