Yeah, I style daily or almost daily. I generally use Suave Naturals coconut as a co-wash, detangler and styler. It used to be great for WnGs. But now that my hair is longer and bigger, I don't like the Suave as much. I need/want something that defines my curls better and de-volumizes it. I don't like my hair when it's too big.

When I wear my hair pulled back I used EcoStyler olive oil to keep the top in place. Sometimes I rake the gel throughout my entire head. That gives great definition, but it also
a) takes too long
b) makes me rip my hair out as I rake it through
c) takes forever to dry
d) makes my hair crunchy

I guess I don't technically do much that's specifically for moisturizing. Hmmm...I just recently started sealing my ends with castor oil.

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