Anybody do this? If so, does it work for you?

I "accidently" did this last week when I went swimming with the family.

I wet my hair down then applied generous amounts of conditioner and oil to my hair; slapped on my swim cap and went swimming.

Later when I went to detangle before shampooing, my hair hardly had any tangles and the few that were there just melted away. I jumped in the shower and shampooed and my hair and scalp felt incredible; clean yet not stripped and moisturized.

Out of habit, I did a DC after I shampooed but thinking back, I really didn't need it. I think I could have just applied my LI and homemade FSG and thrown my TST (two strand twists) in and been done in record time.

Hmmmm, for those of you who do this on the regular are there any ill effects over the course of time? Tell me about your experiences (if any) with this?

Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense