My hairs a 3c/4a blend mostly and a 4c in the very back. I transitioned for exactly 8 months. I cut my hair short at 7 months. I've been natural about two weeks now, and I've cowashed ALOT. The second day, I re-rinsed my hair with conditioner like four times because the wash and goes weren't turning out right. I've come to learn the following:
1. Deep condition hair at least once a week for freshly BC'ed hair.
2. For this short stage, use fingers instead of a comb or denman to detangle. Using your fingers helps the curls clump together more.
3. Apply leave-in generously and use an oil over to seal in the moisture.
4. Re-wet if you need before you apply gel.
5. Get the gel all into the hair, applying it evenly.
It's only been two weeks, so I'm still learning, but these facts have come out of trial and error.