Hi mesocurly, I'm so happy you posted this! I wanted to know the exact same thing. I also have fine strands and have always thought they look like they were set on toothpicks lol. I wondered if my hair would be harder to manage with the CG method than other curlies.

I decided to try it, but didn't keep it up for long because of the horrendous detangling I had to go through afterwards. However, I can't truly comment on how well it works because I didn't follow every step for a long period of time. The first time I tried the CG method I added a little of the tightly curly method (Curly Primer ) by leaving in the conditioner and twirling my hair a bit for style.

Results: The mix of methods turned out a lot different from when I did a regular Wash n Go with no method 2 years ago.

September 2010 Regular Wash n Go (peep the "lines" of coils and how they clump w/other lines of coils)

Length in October 2010

July 2012 Mixed methods & twirling for style

As you can see, with this hair type the Wash n Go length hasn't changed much over the years for me. However my stretched length has a lot more to show.
Natural 2 years and 4 months.

Hair type: 4a suuper tight coils, fine, dense with thin edges (working on this!), medium-high porosity