I like hennasooq; give them a try. The shipping is phenomenal! and now they include samples I like free stuff. Here of late, they've been having awesome deals. I am a member of their blog and get updates/deals about their products.
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I think I will but I'm waffling again because I haven't been satisfied with how henna is covering my grays lately. Jamila usually does an adequate job of covering them, but there are 1 or 2 newbies that it can't touch. Since Jamila BAQ is one of the best I'm doubting that any henna can. I don't want to go back to other dyes but I have an old box of Clairol....

If I've used suspicious henna on my hair (Rainbow & Nupur, specifically) what's the worst that can happen? Anyone have experiences with this?
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I've had no personal experience but I read about them being extremely drying, worse than the real thing.
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Yes, they're really drying, worse than Jamila though Jamila I find to be drying, too. Ahhh I'm too chicken to go back to permanent hair color. I'm afraid with the cheapy henna I used in my hair, it's gonna turn green or somethin. I'm going for Hennasooq - got to see what all this fuss is about! Placing my order today!