I started using this leave in a few days ago and I absolutely love it!!! Its not sticky, not very oily (I add coconut oil) and gives my mostly 3c hair great un-crunchy definition. I followed their suggestion on the label and DC'd with it after shampooing I put on a plastic cap and went under the dryer for 15 mins. When I took off the cap *i didn't rinse*. My hair felt soft!! Not too much slip though, so I took care, and as I passed my wide bristled brush (similar to the denman) through, my curls clumped BEAUTIFULLY!! The next morning I applied some more leave in(+coconut oil and water) to my dry hair to detangle and pull into a bun. My coarser texture (4a) is at the top of my head towards the front (crown?) so I was impressed that when I applied the leave in alone I was able to get a considerable amount of hold in that area, I'd say about 70%, I slapped some gel on top of that and voila!
I have tried and failed with a lot of products since my BC in dec'11 (started transitioning mar'10) and I must say that I am VERY PLEASED WITH THIS LEAVE IN.