Your hair looks adorable!!

Just wondering - have you tried using the deva styling cream yourself with the same results as the stylist had? And how do you apply it? What technique do you use? My inner PJ is very interested in the details! Haha!
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In the two pics where I'm in the blue tank the stylist did it. She used the deva volume foam and then the styling cream. Later I sampled both and really didn't like the foam, sticky and hard, and liked the cream. In the other post-cut pics it was styled by me with some CJ Curl Fix as a leave in, two pumps of the Deva cream, and some Curl Queen. Then to SOTC I used either CJ hibiscus banana honey butta or smoothing lotion (I go back and forth). I just apply it all at once and all over, nothing special. The formula is thick and almost sticky which I think is why it clumps an holds so well, then ends up silky, the crunch is all from the CQ. I've even used the deva to SOTC so I know it dries soft. I've been doing it for a week now and has looked great every time. I guess it's time I open up to Massey's products

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