I have noticed that when older people get mad they want to pull that "little girl" card. Don't think you can just say whatever you want to me and I am going to go along with it because I'm young. I don't care about you calling "little girl" because that just makes you look immature when I haven't called you anything. But if I were you "old a$$ mare" your feelings would be hurt.
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Girl, wrong door! LoL!

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Oh Lord. That man made me so mad I'm up here venting in the wrong thread. LOL.

But I did want to say I have to clarify ever week. No cones but I use a lot of leave in, heavy oils, gels. My hair is quick to get greasy and my hair won't absorb well if it is not clean so using a shampoo with cocomidropropyl (sp?) betaine works well. I actually like my hair to feel slightly stripped because my dcs do much better. I am probably going to add another midweek shampoo but one that is gentler. I think if you have buildup problem then doing all that extra stuff every week seems like overkill. I used baking soda on my hair once or twice and both times it was a dryness disaster. I told myself never again.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.