Thought I would add to this...I went to a spa once and they were selling Jane Iredale and Hylunia products. Anyone ever tried them?? For those of you wondering about Vitamin C Serums and such, they do work, you just need a high enough percentage of Vitamin C for it to do anything. There's this really good product called Beyond Complex C that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 25%: Hylunia Skincare All of their products are natural and organic. You could check it out! And I love Jane Iredale makeup. It actually helps soothe your skin and allows it to breathe while still having good coverage. My fave!! And for skin care like for washing your face, I like Simple. It's great for sensitive skin and they sell it at drugstores! As much as this probably sounded like i'm advertising, I'm not - just wanted to help