@graybird - your hair looks great! What you said about warm skin tone encourages me for when I'm ready(not yet). Like you, I refuse to have my hair cut any shorter too, at such time when I'm really ready to let my now-considerable grey grow in. And here I was concerned that having an inverted bob was too long for transitioning to grey - now I see that it's not LOL! 20 months - now that's patience! I think for me it would take a little over a year to maybe a year and a half for the longest pieces on my hair, during which I would have fading, brassy red - ugh, against the grey and black. I have less grey and patchier than you do however, so that makes a difference. Usually, for warmer skin tones, it's best to wait until one is practically all silver, like you. Your curls look great by the way - good move to embrace those too.