Okay, I am growing my 3a/3b, shoulder length hair out. (I want my hair to eventually be down to my belly button). It is very hot where I live right now (desert), and I want to put my hair up, and also want to put my hair up in buns and ponytails as protective styles. However, I have heard (and am deathly afraid of) hair loosing its curl pattern from being stretched too often/too much. Is this true? Please say it's not so. I am not planning on stretching and slicking my hair back harshly with a bristle brush like some women do to get that sleek look, or anything- I just want to gently pull my hair back while wet, put it in a ponytail or bun, and leave it alone. I do NOT want the front/top part of my hair to be straighter than the rest of my hair. I don't know..maybe I'm wrong and just being paranoid. Please let me know if this is true, and if you've ever experienced it or what to do to avoid or whatever you know! Thanks in advance.