Hi guys - I got the nourishing styling cream as part of a monthly subscription but was scared to try it until I read this post. So I tried it yesterday and my hair has been AMAZING!!! It had so much body, volume, bounce, root lift and gave be better and longer lasting curl definition than any cream I have tried (given I've only tried a few).

Normally I use KCKT as my leave in and then either KCCC or BRHG and I get pretty good curl and hold but not as much volume as I'd like. I've tried CCCCLite but it did nothing for me. Didn't give me too much curl definition and by second day my hair was kinda limp. Also it didn't give me any volume.

The LP nourishing styling cream is perfect for me and I'm so glad I read this thread! As for my routine, I used DevaCurl no poo, Vo5 RO with hair upside down. KCKT leave in, then plopped for like 5 minutes to absorb some water, then flipped my head up straight and scrunched in the LP nourishing cream. I find that putting product in slightly damp instead of dripping wet hair gives me more volume and root lift.

Looking forward to reading others experiences!