Its been exactly a month since I've been dealing with my hair (it's been in protective styles such as braids, weaves, etc. for years). I've tried to learn more about my hair and determined I have low porosity hair, its coarse and thick/dense. People often mistake shedding with breakage but I clearly have breakage considering there is no white bulb on the hair coming out of my head. I thought I might've been handling my hair roughly and got gentler. I undid a large twist in the back of my head the other day and just by trying to twist it back, a bunch of hairs started falling out. I don't know what amount is acceptable because breakage will almost always occur even in small amount with type 4 hair but I'm suspecting protein is the culprit? However I've been avoiding products that are high in protein for a few weeks prior to the incident the other day. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I want to henna soon but with this breakage incident it might be smart to postpone it?