Hi Curlychickie! Thanks so much for getting back to me on those products. I'm going to try rotating some of what I already have, I think - i have samples of all the CJ products - even though so far none of them are working exactly as I'd like. Just ordered samples of some different jellies from Kathymack, though, so I'll soon have more to try! I'm very excited! One thing I did try over the weekend helped A LOT - a shampoo bar! I tried JR Liggett's and really like it. I think my hair really liked all those oils, so I'm going to try more!

Hi Kathymack! Thanks for the sealing suggestion! I confess that I hadn't even considered it. All my life I've been afraid of putting too much stuff on my fine hair and I'm only just starting to realize how much it has needed all this time. I'm sure the soap bars are going to help a lot with getting my curl a little more uniform, so it makes perfect sense to me that a tiny bit of oil might help, too! I've got some extra virgin coconut oil in the pantry. Time to experiment!
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