Ok, I used my JR Liggett's bar today since I had the oil in my hair from last night. As before, my hair felt super waxy squeaky and weird, only more so, even after ACV rinse. In the interest of continuing to add protein every day, I used SN Coconut Conditioner as a RO, then I scrunched in a little KCKT on my dry straight pieces and blotted a little water out. Because I've neglected to try all of my CJ samples, I decided to try CJ AFG today, alone. Nice! But I am SO surprised because my hair felt nothing like my normal hair. It had soooooo much texture and seemed to just drink up the AFG. I really thought i'd end up a greasy mess, but my hair isn't greasy at all! I'd love more definition and less frizz, but the volume is amazing, the curl held even after I went outside (ugh!). My straighter pieces look much better, too!

Of course, I have no idea if it's just the CJ AFG or if what I'm doing is improving my hair enough to give me better success in general, but progress is being made!
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