Hi.. So.. I have friends with natural hair.. And since I've been tired of relaxing my hair I decided to go natural but I don't really have a guide my friends only tell me to let my hair grow.. But I've been searching around about going natural and for me its more than just growing my hair out.. Its hair care.. But I don't really know how to take care of my new growth in this 'transitioning process' so if you could give me some advice.. That would be really helpful.. Btw I'm 5 months natural now.. I do not want to do the BC now.. But a little bit later.. Another thing that I want to ask is.. Ummh.. I think(I'm not sure yet)I'm a 3C Curlyhairtype.. And the thing is that my egde's are so hard to control.. I've tried Gel and stuff but it doesn't help.. They don't smooth at all.. And I'm afraid that the gel can cause breakage to my hair.. So my question is.. Is there a product that doesn't affect my hair and that smoothens my edge's.. ?! Tnx already for reading my post.. And I'm so ashamed for not-knowing basically anything.. But tnx allot and I will be waiting for you response