Thanks for all of the responses. I did want to clarify that my hair doesn't smell like fish or the capsules, just doesn't smell "fresh." It just smells the way my hair used to smell if I didn't wash it for maybe three days, but now the very next day it starts to smell that way. Just seems that the oils are working the way they should, my hair isn't nearly as dry. But since it isn't as dry, I can wash it more frequently.

Andy Maybewavy, I think you're on to something. I did have some very dry eyes, and now that you mention it, my eyes aren't nearly as dry anymore. I forgot about it since they weren't bothering me any more.

I plan to continue the fish oil due to the health benefits, and the oilier hair is just a surprise that may or may not be a side-effect. Judging from everyone else's responses, I'm guessing there's another reason behind it. After some research online, it could just be due to the conditioners I have been using that may be a bit too rich for my fine hair. I had been using Curls Ecstasy Green Tea conditioner and a Goldwell conditioner for curly hair. Maybe a lighter conditioner will work. I'll report back after I try.
Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls