Are any of you ladies scissor happy? When i was washing my hair I only intended to cut about a 1/2" - 1" but ended up cutting about 3"- 4" oops! I probably really needed it but i can't seem to put the scissors down. Every time I wash I'm clipping a little. No wonder my hair seems to stay at one length.
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I've never cut off 3" - 4" at a time, but I do clip a little every time I wash. I always seem to get tangles and knots at the ends, no matter how much detangling and shed hair removal I do prior to washing. If I can't get the knot out with conditioner, then I just cut it. I keep my hair in twists, and I don't like that feeling where a few hairs at the end are longer than others due to the difference in growth rate. So I sometimes cut those off as well. I know some people think that's crazy, but I like the look and feel of nice, blunt ends on my twists. So I do clip/trim a lot, but I still see growth. Not as much folks who rarely or never trim of course. I'm always amazed when people say they can go months or a year without a trim. My hair would be a knotted, tangled, scraggly mess if I didn't trim on a regular basis. The only time I wasn't scissor happy was when I had locs.