How long did it take being CG and using enough protein before you went from wavy to curly?
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It's not just the protein, it's the protein/moisture balance, learning about what products and techniques my hair likes--the whole package.

In the summer, I always had Botticelli curls--but no root curl. In the winter, it was mostly wavy. When I first came on, I had some great hair days with some products; however, it was inconsistent. I cowashed for six months. It didn't change my hair for the better. When they were the rage 4 years ago, I added natural soap bars to my routine--they helped tighten my curl and added volume. Around the same time, I started to (exclusively) use the more natural products from the online boutique companies. My curls became tighter and I had root curl and more volume.

That happened about eight months into my curly journey and continues.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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