Marah, I agree with Saria. It is hard to correct someone you love. even if you do, they may not take it well. Btw, does your husband have a single brother that thinks and acts similar to him?

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LOL...No. But he has cousins that are single. And they are on the look out. You converting to Judaism anytime soon ?

And yeah.. I guess about the not being able to tell people you love certain things. But he and I don't have relationship like that..he's very honest with me about when I'm DEAD wrong. And I do value and listen to his opinion which he knows. So perhaps it's like Saria says and he just consciously doesn't think about it because it's me. And well ..I say so DAMN much. Yall know I'm a trip! ROFL! So I guess I can cut him some slack..but I will be asking him why he's never said anything...exactly.