Okay..so I guess he and I will talk tonight. It did feel very weird when he called ME female. But I don't know. I really honestly don't mean any harm when I say females. I don't go around saying.. "those females" or anything. Usually if I want to be a smartass about a group of ladies and/or girls..I'll say: HEFFAS. LOL!

But if it's a group of women and girls..I will indeed say.."Oh there were many females in the room" or something but I mean absolutely no disrespect at all. Not even thinking in those terms. I guess I just have never seen anything wrong or inappropriate about it. I guess my husband will school me tonight.

ETA: Oh and I noticed he used the term "guys". How come that's okay and females isn't ?
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First Marah! I LOVE YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!! It's like he took the words out of my mouth regarding this issue. He sounds like a very good, sweet man. And EVIDENTLY, he is in love with you

The problem with female is it can refer to ANYTHING on this planet that is of the female sex. ANYTHING. By calling women "females" you are intentionally ignoring the fact that they are humans just like you (gy--mean to be men specifically). It's usually men who have a problem with women who do this.

Guys is sex neutral. That is to say, when I call a man a guy, it is still implied that he is a human being. We don't refer to male animals as guys--only humans of the male sex.

Kuddos to your husband, but I knew he would know what's up!

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