I wasnt scissor happy till I was about 7 months in and then it felt like my hands literally had a mind of their own... it was awful how addictive clipping was... the only way I could get past it was protective styles like weaves and braids where I COULDNT get to them... Once i even contemplating taking down a relatively new install just so I could indulge in Hand in Hair syndrome... then a few months ago I came across a blog about a woman who only times like once or twice a year.

Ive realized as long as it isnt awful splits... I can deal with a little bit of the random cripsies as I call them.. once I get to my next check point or a little beyond then I will trim for real but since it isnt traveling up my hair shafts.. and im forcing myself to remain in braids to reduce damage from manipulation... im maintaining LOL

Getting there slowly but surely!

Natural Since the Beginning of January 2011!
Current: Full Collar Bone
Texture: 3B/C & 4A
Goal: APL by New Years 2013

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