This is the one thing that if the even product junkie wizard made me choose only ONE thing I could be deserted on an island with.. this would be IT..

Vegetable Glycerin... It builds up in your hair if you spray it with a conditioner mix in a water bottle all the time like I do.. I could spray less but im just in love with this stuff..

It keeps my hair soft through the extra crazy east coast weather swings... harsh winters... and the stiffest gel.. doesnt matter what I mix with it on my head my hair stays soft alllllll day long.. I love it.

Getting there slowly but surely!

Natural Since the Beginning of January 2011!
Current: Full Collar Bone
Texture: 3B/C & 4A
Goal: APL by New Years 2013

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Current Favs<3 Taaliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, Vegetable Glycerin and Pure Argan Oil!!!