Hello ladies. It's been a few years since I posted to NC. Now that I'm back on my natural grind after using a flat iron for two years, I'm struggling for some products.

I went through Darcy's transitioning creme for the heat damaged ends, Beija Flor mango butter and Hydratherma lotion after I BC'ed a couple of weeks ago. These's products are OK for moisturizing, but my hair doesn't like the texture.

I have no idea what my hair type is, but now I know the strands are fine and they hate formulations with majority shea butter and oils (especially coconut). So I've been sticking to water-based moisturizers/leave-ins.

Oyin Honey Dew just came in today (thumbs up for fast shipping, I remember when it was slow as heck). I put it on clean hair and I'm in love. My TWA curls pop and they feel quenched.

The only thing is I hate that scent. People said it's burnt sugar pomade light, but they have the same intense smell to me.

I heard that the HH smells like orange popsicle and I've been thinking about getting that full sized. So to the ladies who have tried HH and HD as a leave-in, which do you prefer?

Thanks in advance, ladies.