Black is black near Pac fair is still on the gold coast I think.
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Hi Fonki, thanks for your recommendation for the Gold Coast - I've been delayed in replying :-). Ive been to Black is Black, from your recommendation, and they have a great range of products quite reasonably priced, an obscure range but good and natural.

I've actually found a brilliant curly haired hairdresser here on the Gold Coast and I'd like to share her with you. She's Dana at Hair Biz in Ashmore Plaza in Cotlew Street (the smaller shopping centre with all the parakeets and the large trees). She's one of the few hairdressers I've found with natural curls herself, and is absolutely the best hairdresser I've come across in my 3 years (so far) of growing out my curls. She's a curl champion, has a very funky style, and understands how to style and treat curly hair, and does very minimal cutting. 5++ stars.

FYI I have 3B curls, and have found so far that any hairdresser who tells me that my hair is too thick and has to be thinned out, doesn't know what they're talking about, and now I will simply walk out of the salon if this is their approach. It takes far too long to recover from a haircut from one of these guys, and Im afraid you can't sue them for damages :-). With the right products and drying technique, I've found that 3B hair really is all about the shape, and being assertive with it.