Hi my name is Stacie I'm 23 yrs old and a mother of a 2yr old.I'm completely new to cg I have 3a/3b hair at it's healthiest it's 3b I'm looking for product information on cg approved products in Australia goldcoast also if anyone has any tips for me I would be soooo thankfull. I am ashamed to say my whole life I've hated my hair and I'm really trying to embrace it instead of fighting it as I have always done with my ghd hell wen I started my fight with my hair I actually went to the extreme measure of putting an actual iron on my hair wen I was in yr 7 and hacked at it with turkey cutting scissors at 14 and I never stoped the never-ending masking and hiding the curls and frizz u name it ive done it lol untill now that is,Ive always found it hard to love what I was given cuz I'm the only one in my whole family with brown eyes olive skin and curly hair and with no information on how to care for my hair cuz like I said everyone in my family has beautifully straight manageable hair I dont even know what ethnicity I am as I don't know my bio dad so not even a clue there to find someone with the same hair as me to help nothing to identify with nothing to help at all so even a little inspiration plz anyone I'm desperate
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hi Stacie-Lee - try Dana at HairBiz in Ashmore (Cotlew street) - she's got very curly hair herself and is the best curly hairdresser I've come across in ages, and she doesn't cost a bomb. She'll give you lots of tips and tricks as well.