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In Defense of Gabby Douglas' Hair | Team Mom - Yahoo! Shine

I cannot believe the ignorance that some people are spewing regarding Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas' hair. This girl is a 16 year old phenomenal athlete who has won TWO gold medals. But some women still felt it necessary to take to twitter and tweet about how horrible her hair supposedly looks. Excuse me? She is in an athletic competition, not going to the prom. I hate how sometimes it seems like women are so quick to tear each other down. And few things can make the pettiness come out with black women more than the topic of hair. I am extremely proud of this young sista, and seeing this kind of ignorance really just made me shake my head. You're sitting on your butt watching TV while she not only competes but wins two gold medals, and the first thing you have to say is "she couldn't do something about that hair?" Sometimes we are truly our own worst enemies. When will we lose that crabs in a barrel mentality?