Gabby's got a full hairline, and I'm willing to bet most of her "critics" can't say the same.

What's wrong with the girl's hair? She ain't on the red carpet. She's on a balance beam. Why she gotta have "done" hair?? That sounds stupid from all angles. We go at little kids (Zahara Jolie-Pitt), teens and everybody over that hair. I tell ya'.

People are too ridiculous for words
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You got that right. I don't see a thing in the world wrong with her hair. It's thick and it looks healthy. She has it pulled back in a bun/pony just like all the other female athletes. But certain folks act like she's supposed to have it meticulously styled like she's stepping out for a night on the town. One of them had the nerve to say "Gabby is cute and all, but that hair....on camera." As if she's supposed to be ashamed or something. Know what else is on camera? Her two freakin Olympic medals! I watched her perform, and she really is exceptional. How anybody can watch her and give a rat's a.s.s about her hair is beyond me.