So I know that the last post was in 2008, which was 4 years ago, but I did a quick search for curl-friendly salons (i.e., Deva trained) and it led me to Ellenoire in Dundas.

I haven't been, but I would love to try for my next hair cut in the fall....

Has anyone else been here or can comment? It's appointment by request only (according to their website).
Ontario, Canada curly following CG since March 2013 (I'm new!)

Hair Type: 2C/3A
Porosity: High (??)
Density: Medium
Width: Mixed

Trying something new:
Low-Poo: Giovanni 50:50
CO: Suave Naturals Strawberry Conditioner
RO: TN Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner
LI: President's Choice Hydrating Conditioner (protein-rich); Biolage Conditioning Balm
Styling: HETT Curl Gel; AVG; Biotera firm-hold styling gel