Thanks now. I definitely hear ya. It really is an experiment thing. But what would I watch for to know if it's building up or not?? Any symptoms that I can watch for or just the weighing down?? Thanks I know one for example that when I oil all my length and then lowpoo, now all the oil comes off, (I used almond oil and soybean) and even the next day, I could still see the shine and definition from the oil, making me think my lowpoos aren't that good at getting oil out and so I could perhaps get buildup.
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ive never knowen oil to build up as such, though it can make your hair greasy and weighed down. same curlies can leave it in, like me, others have to wash it out, same can just go with washing a bit out.... everyone's different so yes it is an experiment thing.
if the next day you still have shine and deffinition from the oil, i would use less, or use a low poo instead of cowashing. does it weigh your hair down? maybe you just need to use less.

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