Well... I found a Walgreens within 30 min drive from me. I bought the Evoo & Moringa Repair and Extend: Conditioner and Treatment Masque.

The conditioner is so thick I had to lay it on it side for at least 30min so it would move towards the top. No matter how much I shuck the bottle the conditioner wasn't going to move to the lid. The smell is nice. The fragrance does not linger too terribly long. I had was in shock how I could leave the conditioner glob on my hand and it would not run. I like it so far as a leave-in. I think this will be my one and only leave-in. Not oily at all. The first two photos are of the consistency of the conditioner.

The treatment masque. I haven't tried yet. It had the consistency with Qhemet's BRBC. This product is again thick!!!!!! Not oily like the conditioner. The treatment masque can be used as a leave-in. That is what I plan on doing with it. I hope for this to be my winter stable since it is so thick. The last two photos are the consistency of the masque.

I hope these products work out for me. I am on the quest for most of my products to be bought on the ground. I will still buy Oyin products.
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BC 9/4/07 cut off 1.5 feet 5/14/11
3c/4a with3b pieces everywhere. Denise, full,course and low porosity.

My hair loves hemp, amla, honey, marshmallow ,aloe vera, olive oil, msn and agave.

Cowash: Nature's Gate: Hemp Nourishing; Pomegranate Sunflower; GF: Color Shield
DC: AOHR w/ Olive oil &honey.
Leave-in: Oyin HH, Giovanni Direct Leave-in & Qhemet BRBC
Moisturizers Summer: Qhemet BRBC and OHHB,
Styler: Lily of Desert AV Gelly, GF Pure Clean Gel, As I Am Twist Defining Cream.

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