Just wondering if it's just me or do you ladies experience this:

Do you find that your mental image of yourself hasn't quite caught up to your actual size?

For me personally, it's like I see myself as bigger than I really am, so I still find myself gravitating toward larger sized clothes - and then kicking myself when I find they're too big.

- OR -

I'll fret whether I did the right thing by ordering my correct size when purchasing things online. (Which, thankfully, they always fit, but I'm always afraid I'm too big for the clothes.)

So, is it just me, or can any of you ladies relate?
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I can relate definitely. I spent all of my teen years shopping at Plus Size only stores and would never even walk into other ones for fear of disappointment not being able to fit into a single thing in the store. Now sometimes I get a little feeling of being out of place going into mainstream stores. But I feel weird too going into Plus size stores cause most of the clothes there are too big.

I am still adjusting to my new body, because I have always thought of myself as a big girl. Taller, big personality, and wide gestures. My weight is a lot less, but I still think of my self as a big person. I don't think of it as's a bad thing and I don't know if it will ever totally go away.

One thing that is weird for me is having people look at me differently. I feel weird when people call me "skinny". I think my weight is healthy and I definitely look smaller than I have in the past, but I don't think I'm skinny, and I don't know if I'd ever be comfortable that way. I think I feel comfortable with being athletic, strong, and at a weight where I can best care for my body and health and maintain an active lifestyle.
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+1 to the bold. Several people over the last month have called me skinny. I smile and say "thank you" because they meant it as a compliment, but still, I felt weird. I keep asking my husband if I look all right - not fishing for compliments - but this is the first time in life that I've EVER been called skinny, so I want to make sure that I still look healthy... and not like a pumpkin sitting on a fence post.

On another note my fingers have started losing weight
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Mine too. My wedding rings have gotten too big so now I have to be VERY careful when I'm at work and wash my hands there. Too many times I've almost wiped off one of my bands in the paper towels.

Speaking of which, I bought a size 14 skirt suit some time ago, but never had a chance to wear it. Tried it on this morning and to my surprise, it was roomy. As it is, I haven't been a size 14 since my junior/senior years of college, but if I'm starting to dawn on a 12, well then wow... I won't know what to do with myself.