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My mom has been natural for some years (about 7 yr) and she has Alopecia. She is thin on the sides and the top of her hair. Her back is still thin but full and looks to have the texture of 3c. She has a hard time growing hair because of the alopecia and desires for it to be full or at least have some type of increase in growth. Lately, she has been feeling very discouraged because she can only wear her hair in a bush and want something to work for her hair. Trying to do a style alway end up being a bush I have been researching to try to find somethings that may work for her. Does anyone have any tips or ideas that could possibly help her? thanks so much and I really appreciate it. God Bless!

Here is what she uses:
Jane Carter Solution Nutrient replenishing conditioner & hydrating invigorating shampoo (sls-free)

Giovanni Direct Leave-in weightless moisture conditioner

coconut oil (makes her hair too greasy)

Donna Marie Dream Curling Cream (for attempt styling)

Glycerin (hot weather in south)
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I have alopecia areata and it has limited my styling options. I've never worn a bun or a puff. I'm going to try it tomorrom with a head band to see if I can hide the bald patch that way. My hair loss was extensive at one point but with the help of EO's I now only have it at the nape. That area has been very stubborn. I'm trying JBCO. Once my hair starts growing it grows pretty fast. I do take flaxseed gel and silica but I think it does more for my skin.
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