So a little over a month ago I had beautiful brown curly hair. I'm guessing it's about 2c because if I don't put gel in it it's a wavy poofy mess. I don't know my porosity or texture or anything because I'm a noob and it's all pretty confusing. But about a month ago I decide I wanted to go blonde. Never ever a good idea. I had been dying my hair for years and only gone blonde for a year and went back to brown a year ago. Naturally I'm brunette. So before the mess happened I was using tresemme curl moisturizing shampoo and conditioner every other day and loreal silky curls gel with whatever hairspray.
I went to the salon after a bad at he bleach and the lady bleached it agains because my hair was orange! And then died it a little darker than the bleach. So my hair is about a 9 blonde. Since I dyed it my hair has been dry and limp an felt like straw! I came across this website on pinterest and heard all about the CG method! I've been doing it for a week now using target line and KCCC. My hair is soft but my curls arent together in big curls like normal..they're more just kind of everywhere ): it feels dry still and doesn't curl nearly as much as it used to )): which makes me SO SAD! Especially when I see old pictures! I wish I had never ever done it!!
So my dillema is I don't know what is good and bad for the type of situation I'm in and the kind of hair I have! Should I continue the CURLS with KCCC or should I revert to my old silicone and sulfate ways?? It worked then so why wouldn't it work now and maybe just do a deep treatment with the things my hair needs ( which I dont know what my hair needs to be healthy and better! )
I plan to let my hair grow out about an inch or so more and dying the blonde closest to my natural as I can and then never ever touch it with dying chemicals again!! But I need help and advice PLEASE!!

It's greatly appreciated!!