I have no support on being natural. My hair was relaxed and damaged so I told my mom I was going to cut my hair off and go natural leaving me with 1 1/2 inch of hair. She looked at me with horror and said, "You're going to keep it straightened right?" After doing the big chop I showed my dad and he frowned and said he didn't like it then kept nagging me everyday to grease it and comb and brush it everyday. My boyfriend said my hair is the ugliest hair he has ever seen. I went to the hair store with my friend to buy something. She advised me to buy extensions but I told her I didn't want any because I don't like wearing fake hair and I lost a lot of hair the last time I wore braid extensions. So she showed me extensions anyways but when she got to the kinky hair she said, "Oh there's the nappy hair." She said nappy in such a disgusted way. Everytime I go to someone's house they tell me my hair is nappy, I need to comb it, and I need to go to a stylist. Then they say why did you cut off that long pretty hair then they touch my hair like its disgusting and say now your hair is just nappy.

Since the first day I did the big chop I've been feeling down and stressed because of all this negativety towards my hair. I'm a teenager by the way so when I go to high school and almost everyday someone advices I grease my hair or insults it. All of this has made me just buy wigs to cover my hair so nobody can say anything about it and I don't even like wearing fake hair. All of the wigs available are straight or wavy.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this?