OMG, after reading everyone's replies I now know why I hate going to the hairdressers. I genuinely didn't know it was difficult to cut curly hair and that most of them (hate to generalise here!) don't like to cut our hair.

It was years of my mother hauling the head off me trying to brush the knots out that made me HATE anyone even touching my hair.

I have had a few nightmare salon visits. One sticks out in particular was after washing/cutting my hair I asked her not to blow dry it and she was like 'it will be fine'. I came out looking like a poodle and ran up the road home in tears and vowed never again to visit a salon again (I was 15!).

I will admit I am lucky as my best friend cuts my hair (once a year when I actually let her!!!!). The unlucky part is I now live in another country and can only get my hair done when I go home. Doesn't really bother me though as I mentioned I hate anyone at my hair, including my best friend lol!

Also, everytime I've ever gotten my hair cut, they've always cut more than I've asked them to do 'oh but it needed it'. I don't care... what the client wants the client should get!

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