That's so cruel. So sorry you're going through this. I am 40 and just went natural. My daughter has curly hair and hates it. I did the big chop so we'd be natural together. Before I did the chop I asked my mom about my real Haiti texture and she said it was kinky (creating fear in me) and my aunt begged me to go back to a relaxer if I ended up looking like the woman on Good Times. I told her no! God was gracious enough to give me my hair and I wasn't going to be ashamed. Also my NEED for my daughter to love and accept what God blessed her with hair-wise (she is 11) was greater than my fear. I am loving no more relaxer. Something I found that helped is embracing The Curly Girl Method. If you haven't heard of it go to YouTube. It has worked wonders for so many people no matter the texture. I am praying you find someone near for support. If not come back here.....we have your back. Stay strong and know God made you the way you are. You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

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