We have all been there. Especially us type 4s. Believe me. The same people who talked sh#t about me when I bc'ed are the same people now coming to me for hair advice because my hair is healthy and beautiful and theirs is broken, falling out and a HAM. Even the cousin everyone said growing up had the "good" hair is asking advice. If you think about it, it is never easy to be the first of the people around you to do anything. But since I went natural 4 years ago I can think of 7 relatives who have bc'ed or are transitioning. Strangers on the street will eventually stop you to ask about how you care for your hair so much you will get sick of it. And tell those people to keep their hands out your hair. I think for a black woman to go natural takes a lot of self confidence and backbone. But we know it hurts to have people you love treat you that way. In their warped way they probably think they are helping you but realize they are stuck in "good hair bad hair" mentality. When we transition our hair we have to transition our minds. You don't know us in real life but we are here to support one another on this journey. Start doing your research and learing your hair properties and hair likes/dislikes and leave the haters to their own ignorance.
PS. In my experience some people take my being natural as a judgement on them being relaxed. even if I havent said anything they have asked me if I see them as trying to be white because they use chemicals. And people will start giving me excuses for why they cant' go natural when I didnt even ask and don't really care.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.